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Responsibilities include:

As a Director, you will lead the production team to direct full-length films, short films, live or recorded television programmes, commercials and music videos

✓ Read scripts and develop storyboards
✓ Write and edit scripts as needed
✓ Meet the producers and prepare budget
✓ Hire cast and crew
✓ Liaise with crew about technical requirements (e.g. lighting and camera movements, sound recording requirements, set dressing, vision effects and graphics and transitions)
✓ Prepare a carefully calculated shooting schedule ensuring deadlines and budget requirements are met
✓ Guide the production team ensuring all members are in sync with the program’s requirements
✓ Incorporate creative ideas to achieve the best possible visual result
✓ Supervise editing to make the final cut
✓ Ensure that the final program is faithful to the original concept


✓ BSc/BA in film studies, cinematography or relevant field; further training is a plus
✓ Proven experience as a director
✓ Demonstrable portfolio of full-length or short films, videos or commercials
✓ Solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages
✓ In-depth understanding of the production process
✓ Familiarity with camera operation, sound systems, special effects and music editing
✓ Ability to lead and motivate
✓ Creativity and imagination
✓ Excellent organizational and planning skills
✓ Good people skills and ability to negotiate
✓ Time management and budget awareness

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