Job Description
Creative Assistant

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Creative Assistant
Responsibilities include:

Creative Assistant responsibilities include writing marketing-related copy for internal and external use and helping design valuable content, from guides and presentations to videos and infographics.

✓ Help design promotional material for events, like brochures and videos
✓ Prepare content for internal use (like guidelines and glossaries)
✓ Create customizable templates we can use for multiple purposes, including presentations and business cards
✓ Write copy for marketing and communication material, including press releases, infographics and social media posts
✓ Coordinate with team members to gather images, logos, stats and content to use in various creative projects
✓ Maintain updated records of the videos, images and guides that we use
✓ Research and recommend new ideas for strengthening our brand


✓ Work experience as a Creative Assistant or Marketing Assistant is a plus
✓ Experience with photo or video editing software (like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro)
✓ Understanding of digital advertising tactics
✓ Copywriting skills
✓ Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
✓ BSc in Marketing, Design or relevant field

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