Job Description
Costume Designer

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Costume Designer
Responsibilities include:

As a Costume Designer, your responsibility will be to create clothes and costume props for actors on film, theater or TV

✓ Study script to understand costume requirements in terms of setting, era and character attributes
✓ Perform research on historical periods and different regions
✓ Develop costume plots for characters
✓ Create preliminary sketches of costumes and present them for approval
✓ Produce the final designs with fabrics, styles and colors
✓ Work with costume makers to materialize sketches
✓ Hire or buy ready costumes when necessary
✓ Ensure costumes stay within budget
✓ Supervise fittings and rehearsals
✓ Assume responsibility of returning, storing or disposing used costumes after filming


✓ High school diploma; Degree in fashion design or relevant field
✓ Proven experience as costume designer or similar role
✓ Knowledge of design, sewing and textiles
✓ Understanding of a range of styles and cultural/historical elements
✓ Aptitude in research
✓ Excellent communication and people skills
✓ Creativity and attention to detail
✓ Well-organized and reliable

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