Job Description
Compensation & Benefits Specialist

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Compensation & Benefits Specialist
Responsibilities include:

As a Compensation & Benefits Specialist, your responsivility includes oversee and administer employees reward and benefits. More about this role:

✓ Review and process Payroll transactions in accordance with the established department guidelines
✓ Research and resolve payroll questions or issues related to pay, accruals, benefits, etc
✓ Ability to troubleshoot issues within the HRIS system, create and run reports, ad hoc reports, etc
✓ Perform HR functions and benefits reporting, such as maintaining employee data, administration, on-boarding new hires and processing terminations, etc.
✓ Understanding of wage and hour laws, payroll processes, over time, and related payroll regulations/laws
✓ Assessing the organization's pay structure
✓ Researching compensation trends and reviewing compensation surveys
✓ Payroll and HRIS systems contain highly sensitive and confidential information which requires this position to maintain the ability to handle all information with professionalism and confidentiality


✓ BS degree in human resources, business administration or finance
✓ Proven working experience as a compensation & benefits specialist
✓ Prior experience in HR practices and compensation cycle management
✓ Working knowledge of job evaluation and job analysis systems
✓ Experience in successfully transforming entire compensation & benefits structures in a past organization is preferred
✓ Knowledge of building compensation packages and incentives programs for various departments

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