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Responsibilities include:

As a Coach, you will guiding athletes and teaching them the correct way to play a sport. You will mentoring young children and some even supervise their transition into a professional career

✓ Training a team of athletes on a constant basis for the ideal physical condition in their sport by using methods to help improve nutrition, muscle development, athletic skill and mental toughness
✓ Teaching individuals about everything related to the sport’s rules and regulations to help athletes develop a high level of understanding of their chosen game
✓ Evaluating team and individual athletic performance consistently using video, photography, data sheets and other means and addressing skills deficits during practice sessions
✓ Liaising with schools, instructors and tutors
✓ Selecting and ensuring top quality of team equipment, supplies and facilities, such as uniforms, practice equipment, conditioning materials, game balls, fields, indoor game areas or courts
✓ Choosing members of the coaching support staff and coordinating goals and strategies for improvement with assistant coaches and other staff members
✓ Creating specific physical performance conditioning programs to increase athletic performance, confidence and team winning percentage


✓ BSc degree in sports, recreation or another field
✓ Strong leadership ability and positive attitude
✓ Excellent written and oral communication skills
✓ Solid understanding of all sports rules and regulations
✓ Demonstrated commitment to safety on and off the field
✓ Highly developed oral and written communication skills
✓ Experience in fitness, personal training or sports coaching

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