Job Description
Casting Director

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Casting Director
Responsibilities include:

As a Casting Director, your role will be to organize castings and select actors for film or stage. Your job will determine the final success of the production as the right person should be in the right role.

✓ Study script to understand all speaking roles
✓ Collaborate with directors and producers to determine a role’s requirements (physical characteristics, experience etc.)
✓ Prepare casting budget with the help of accountants
✓ Contact agents directly to source ideal actors
✓ Review resumes and call suitable actors
✓ Organize auditions and readings
✓ Determine actor’s fees
✓ Negotiate contracts to achieve mutual satisfaction
✓ Supervise other staff (e.g. casting assistants)


✓ Proven experience as casting director
✓ Current knowledge of available acting talent
✓ Ability to maintain knowledge of industry trends
✓ Instinct to recognize talent
✓ Excellent organizational and leadership skills
✓ Outstanding communication and interpersonal ability
✓ Great negotiation skills
✓ High school diploma; further education in film, arts or relevant field is a plus

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