Job Description
Budget Analyst

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Budget Analyst
Responsibilities include:

As a Budget Analyst, your role includes conduct reviews of budget proposals and analyses of data to determine the correct allocation of funding.

✓ Review budget proposals and funding requests
✓ Conduct cost/benefit and other types of analyses
✓ Submit budget recommendations for approval or rejection of funding requests
✓ Explain and defend recommendations to management and stakeholders
✓ Collaborate with managers to develop final consolidated budget
✓ Ensure the organization’s budget adheres to legal regulations
✓ Oversee expenditure and identify trends in spending
✓ Make forecasts for future budget needs
✓ Suggest improvements to increase profits (e.g. spending cuts
✓ Prepare periodical and special reports


✓ BSc/MSc in accounting, finance, business or relevant field
✓ Proven experience as budget analyst
✓ Knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods
✓ Understanding of budgeting and regulatory requirements
✓ Excellent mathematical ability and an analytical mind
✓ Proficient in MS Office and databases; knowledge of graphic software is a plus
✓ Outstanding communication skills (verbal and written)
✓ Attention to detail

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