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Responsibilities include:

As a Barrister, you will give legal advice to clients and solicitors as well as representing people or organisations in court

✓ Coordinate with and advising clients and solicitors
✓ Provide advice on legal matters and representing clients before judicial entities
✓ Research legal issues, case histories and precedents
✓ Interpreting laws, judgements and legislative requirements, before preparing case briefs and other legal documentation
✓ Comunicate with clients and arrange settlements outside of court.
✓ Negotiating settlements out of court
✓ Working with witness statements and cross-examining witnesses


✓ Master / BSc degree in Law
✓ Communicate well with clients and in court when representing them
✓ Able to understand and interpret the law is essential for a barrister
✓ Good research skill and attention to details
✓ High levels of commitment
✓ Ability to stay calm, anticipate counter-arguments and think quickly are essential in such situation

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