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Associate Product Manager

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Associate Product Manager
Responsibilities include:

As an Associate Product Manager, your responsibility includes participate in creating new products or features. More about this role:

✓ Analyze product positioning.
✓ Customer Persona Mapping, and utilizing human-centered design methods to understand and meet customer expectations, while shaping the product to meeting key expectations
✓ Determine and prioritize features of current products by conducting research supported by gathering inputs from customers, internal stakeholders, and market research. Creating a product roadmap.
✓ Planning and executing product development, according to the roadmap, by working with engineering and design teams to create new features and enhance existing features. Learning and applying agile methodologies in your day-to-day interactions with engineering.
✓ Working with marketing, customer success, and operational teams to implement marketing and communication plans of product changes to internal teams and to actual users
✓ Examining and acting upon feedback, including UX issues, bug reports, and stakeholder input. Coordinating with the engineering team to prioritize and address concerns. Communicate progress made on addressing concerns.


✓ BSc in Business Administration, Marketing or similar field
✓ Experience managing the entire product lifecycle
✓ Familiarity with market research, consumers’ behavior and marketing techniques
✓ Hands-on experience with web technologies
✓ Knowledge of project management tools, like Jira or Trello
✓ Strong time management skills
✓ Good communication skills along with the ability to effectively collaborate with cross functional teams

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