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Art Curator

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Art Curator
Responsibilities include:

As an Art Curator, you will responsible for implementing and managing art exhibitions and collections, typically at museums, by collecting, organizing, evaluating and cataloging arts, collectibles and historical items

✓ Manage collections
✓ Develop and Implement Exhibitions
✓ Research and Publication; Researching artists and related subjects
✓ Administer Public Programs
✓ Developing relationships with important collectors, artists, scholars and others in the art market
✓ Managing multiple projects and collaborating with cross functional teams


✓ A bachelor's degree in art, history, archeology, museum studies or a related field
✓ Having a deep knowledge of the arts, including artists, artistic forms and artistic methods
✓ 4-5 years of work experience often preferred
✓ Possessing specialized knowledge of specific subjects in art and history
✓ Working in museum settings with knowledge of exhibition development and operations as well as curatorial practices

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