Job Description
Architectural Drafter

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Architectural Drafter
Responsibilities include:

As an Architectural Drafter, you will be the person to gather designs from Architect and Engineers and compile into a design, use for crew as the manual

✓ Gather and analyse designs from architect and engineers
✓ Bring together structural, mechanical and electrical designs and create a way or a method of accurately arranging them to produce building designs that are understandable and feasible
✓ Determine procedures and instructions to be followed, according to design specifications and quantity of required materials
✓ Inspect the drafter team, technologist, engineer working on contruction project to ensures they are following the plans and specification
✓ Gathers data and takes measurements, verifying elements such as the elevation and surrounding area


✓ Associate's Degree in Drafting or similar fields
✓ Having a good understand in design principles, building code, computer-aided drafting technologies
✓ Excellent in calculation
✓ Excellent communication and coordinating skill

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