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Responsibilities include:

As an Actuary, your responsibility includes conduct complex risk analyses and predict the outcome of potential investments. More about this role:

✓ Conduct risk assessments.
✓ Build predictive models to accurately analyze potential outcomes.
✓ Recommend investments with the lowest risk and the highest profits possible.
✓ Calculate total assets and liabilities.
✓ Determine financial status after an investment.
✓ Monitor market trends and identify opportunities for new investments and funds.
✓ Develop guides and policies on how to avoid high-risk investments and the losses associated with them.
✓ Keep records of payments, fundings and underwriting policies.


✓ BSc in Statistics, Mathematics or Finance.
✓ Work experience as an Actuary, Investment Analyst or similar position.
✓ In-depth understanding of how to use actuarial formulas and tables.
✓ Hands-on experience with statistical packages.
✓ Good knowledge of insurance legislation.
✓ Excellent numerical and analytical skills.
✓ Attention to detail.

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