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UI/UX Designer

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Methods for evaluating a designer might seem obvious. You just take a look at the work they’ve produced. Certainly a thorough review of their portfolio is the best starting point. Setting them an assignment is equally important. Assuming that both of these are positive, the next step is to chat to them about design itself. Consider these UI/UX designer questions to gauge their background and skills. What you are interviewing a UI/UX designer, look for is an interest in design that stretches beyond the boundaries of their own specialisms. Are they aware of and capable of thinking critically about the design decisions that surround all of us in our everyday lives? A great user experience designer is thinking about improvements to these details.

✓ Talk to us about your studies. Have you studied design?
✓ Let’s say you start a new project right now – which solution will you choose for adding icons to the interface?
✓ How would you define user experience UX design?
✓ When is it relevant to focus on one of these areas vs another?
✓ Can you describe the difference between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation?
✓ Describe to us a basic user experience process. Would that process be different depending on the type of project, for instance responsive website versus mobile app?
✓ How do you know that what you’re designing works for the user? Tell us a bit about personas and your approach to research and incorporating research in your work?
✓ Tell us a bit about how you undertake user testing?
✓ Can you speak to the difference between information architecture, interaction design, usability and user research?
✓ Are you familiar with BEM or SMACSS? What do you like/don’t like about these conventions?
✓ How do you optimize a website’s assets & reduce page load time?
✓ Let’s say you start a new project right now – which solution will you choose for adding icons to the interface?

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