Interview Questions
Team Player

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Teamwork skills are key in all positions. Some employees might work on their own occasionally (e.g. a developer who debugs a program), but the results of their work impact their entire team.

Good team players:

✓ Resolve issues before they escalate
✓ Nurture healthy work environments
✓ Understand each person’s unique strengths
✓ Accept feedback and try to improve their work

✓ Describe a group project you worked on. What was your role and what did you achieve?
✓ Describe a time you had to gather input from employees outside your team. How did you approach them and how did you ensure you’d get information on time?
✓ Tell me about a time you had to work with a colleague you didn’t get along with.
✓ Has your team ever failed to reach a goal? If so, what went wrong and what did you learn from that experience?
✓ What would you do if your team didn’t want to implement your idea?
✓ What’s your preferred way of working on a group project: each member works on an assigned task independently or the entire team meets and works together? Why?

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