Interview Questions
Tax Manager

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Tax Managers forecast tax returns and obligations, coordinate audits and ensure compliance with financial legislation. Candidates for this role should have work experience with accounting software and be familiar with tax regulations. Potential hires usually hold an Accounting degree.If this role includes managing a team of Tax Accountants, make sure your future hires can delegate tasks and evaluate team members’ performance.

✓ What data would you collect to forecast next year’s tax returns?
✓ How would you check the accuracy of an accountant’s work?
✓ Describe a time you helped a company minimize its tax obligations.
✓ What are the main differences between state and federal taxes??
✓ How do you organize physical records of important paperwork?
✓ What kind of accounting software have you used?
✓ How do you manage foreign affiliate returns?
✓ Do you have experience with employee performance? How do you give feedback to your team members?
✓ Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma at work? If so, how did you manage
✓ How do you manage deadlines when working for different clients at the same time?

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