Interview Questions
Social Media Analyst

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Look for candidates with an ability to grasp online marketing trends and audience preferences. Your potential hires should be proactive. They should go beyond reporting on metrics to identify how to improve your social media strategy.Candidates for this role usually hold a Marketing degree and/or relevant certifications in digital technologies. Hands-on experience with Google Analytics and social media management tools, like Buffer and Hootsuite, is also required.

✓ We are launching a new product. Which networks would you advertise the product launch in? Which do you think would be the least effective? Why
✓ If we decided to broadcast a live event, how would you measure its success?
✓ What metrics would indicate that a social media campaign has failed?
✓ What metrics do you monitor everyday? What reports do you compile?
✓ What tools do you use to schedule posts?
✓ How can SEO increase web traffic? Mention some SEO effective practices for web content.
✓ What keyword research tools do you use and how do you implement their findings?
✓ What challenges have you faced when trying to explain social media metrics to non-technical executives? How did you overcome them?
✓ How do you find out about new tools and trends in your field?
✓ Have you ever faced objections or doubts when suggesting a new social media strategy? If so, what did you do?
✓ Have you joined any Facebook or LinkedIn groups to connect with industry professionals? Which social media experts do you follow?
✓ If hired, what metrics would you look at to learn about our current social media strategy?

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