Interview Questions
Legal Assistant

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Legal assistants typically work in law offices and firms. They have both an administrative and legal role. Apart from duties such as maintaining files, they also conduct research and draft legal documents. A degree in law isn’t always required. Vocational training in legal studies or a couple years of experience may serve as a substitute. Certification is also a good way to screen candidates. During the interview, try to assess their office administration abilities. Their communication skills and attention to detail should also be evaluated. Look for their knowledge of legal office procedures, terminology and protocols.

✓ What is your experience with billing?
✓ If you had to support more than one lawyers, how would you decide which tasks to complete first?
✓ If an attorney asked you to conduct research for a case, where would you start and what methodology would you follow?
✓ How fast can you type?
✓ What software programs do you use at work?
✓ What’s your experience in drafting depositions/summonses/subpoenas etc.?
✓ How would you rate your skills in taking minutes?
✓ How would you prepare a case file?
✓ What legal field are you most interested in?
✓ Recall a time you had to communicate with a client or legal representative on behalf of your boss
✓ Have you ever had to deal with a demanding client?
✓ Have you ever had to explain a complicated legal concept or procedure to a client?

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