Interview Questions
Legal Advisor/Consultant

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

A legal counsel is an in-house legal consultant found in a variety of industries. They may have a background in corporate law, a track record of working in-house, or currently be employed at a law firm with no in-house experience at all. Once hired, legal counsel will be chiefly responsible for overseeing all the legal aspects of your business. They will safeguard your company’s reputation by ensuring that you steer clear of legal risks. They will also advise you during legal crises. It goes without saying that hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake, especially if you are currently experiencing legal troubles or about to undergo major structural changes (e.g. acquisitions, going public). To prevent this scenario from taking place, tailor your questions as closely as you can to your industry and required skills. Find the right legal counsel for your team by adding questions that address industry-specific regulatory or litigation experience.

✓ What interests you about being a legal counsel for our industry?
✓ What do you hope to achieve by working at our company?
✓ What experience or training has prepared you for this position?
✓ Describe your proudest accomplishments in your legal career. How do you define success?
✓ Recall a situation that required you to seek outside counsel. What factors did you consider? What was the result?
✓ What’s the most complex legal situation you’ve faced at work? What strategy did you use to resolve it?
✓ What other types of situations require outside counsel?
✓ Describe a situation where you made a mistake or regretted your decision. How did you handle it?
✓ How do you cope with stress at work?
✓ What kind of training or feedback will help you to excel in this role?
✓ Describe a time you had to prioritize conflicting deadlines. How did you arrive at your decision?
✓ How would you learn more about our organization during your first week on the job?

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