Interview Questions

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

When you’re hiring for a senior level position (e.g. team leaders), look for soft skills in candidates that may reflect their leadership styles. These can include:

✓ Motivation: How they use feedback and acknowledgment to inspire productivity
✓ Delegation: How they identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses to assign duties
✓ Communication: How they encourage team members to express concerns and ideas
✓ Integrity: How they handle confidential information, manage work relationships and follow company policies to set a good example for their team

✓ Tell me about a time you struggled with work-life balance. Did you manage to solve the problem? How did you do it?
✓ Tell me about a time you took the lead in a team project. What was the outcome of the project?
✓ How do you make decisions about the compensation of team members?
✓ How would you describe your leadership style?
✓ In what specific ways do you motivate your team?
✓ How do you monitor the performance of individual team members?
✓ Two employees left from your team just before the deadline on a big project. How would you change your leadership style to meet the deadline?

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