Interview Questions

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Illustrators use design software and hand-drawing techniques to create original pieces of artwork. They work on multiple projects, like advertisements, books, magazines, brochures and websites.During your interview process, assess candidates’ portfolios. Illustrations they’ve created reveal candidates’ aesthetic criteria along with their sketching and editing techniques. Opt for professionals whose work samples resemble the way you want to portray your brand. The best candidates will be able to explain the messages they wanted to send through each of their illustrations.

✓ If you’re working on a project and are falling behind, would you ask for an extension to refine your illustration or submit an OK piece of work on time?
✓ What would you do if the printed colors were different from the ones you designed on your computer?
✓ How would you deal with different opinions between team members on how to illustrate a concept?
✓ What would you do if a client kept rejecting all the drafts you presented them?
✓ How do you prepare your work for production?
✓ How do you start a project? When do you know it is finished?
✓ What design software do you use?
✓ What’s the best technique to add perspective to an image?
✓ What is your favorite piece of work in your portfolio? Why did you make it?
✓ How much time did you have to design X piece?
✓ What resources and techniques did you use for X piece?
✓ How do you get inspired?

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