Interview Questions

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Editors lead content strategy and manage content teams (writers, designers, developers, photographers, etc) in order to create exceptional, engaging content. As with any role, be clear on what you’re looking for in an editor before you invite candidates to interviews. In some circumstances, you might not need an experienced editor and may be willing to hire a strong writer who is ready to increase their responsibilities. Or, you might be looking for a senior editor with a long track record of professional success. Perhaps you are looking for an editor with a specific industry background (e.g. healthcare, academia). Digital-only publications may want an editor with a strong digital portfolio and relevant skills such as SEO and social media. For best results, tailor your questions carefully to the role or add some of your own.

✓ Everyone needs a break. What do you read on your own time?
✓ How has your work experience prepared you for this position?
✓ How do you sustain interest in even the most mundane aspects of editing – proofreading, fact-checking, source-checking, etc?
✓ What social media platforms work well for increasing the reach of your content?
✓ How much do you know about SEO?
✓ What publishing platforms have you used before?
✓ How do you go about hiring talented people for your team?
✓ Which style guides do you prefer?
✓ What topics would you want to cover in an editorial calendar from October to December?
✓ What is one thing you’d change about our publication?
✓ What’s your approach to giving constructive feedback to a fellow writer?
✓ How would you describe the voice of our brand?

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