Interview Questions
Creative Director

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Creative Directors are responsible for developing the look, feel, and tone of a company’s brand and executing it beautifully and consistently across all available channels. Candidates for this position typically have deep experience in one or more creative fields. They may have been a Creative Director for their previous company, a Senior Designer, or a Senior Copywriter. Your most promising candidates will have a relevant portfolio of work, a track record of successfully managing and developing teams, and data that demonstrates the effectiveness of their work. They will have great taste, sound judgement, and the excellent communication skills needed to guide creative projects from concept to execution.

✓ Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out?
✓ You’re working with an established brand. How do you develop a solid understanding of what it is and where it’s going?
✓ You’re developing a brand for a new product. Where do you start?
✓ What’s been the biggest creative challenge in your career to date?
✓ What challenges have you faced in brand development? How did you overcome them?
✓ Everyone needs time out. What creative work do you do in your own time?
✓ Tell us about your current/previous team. What are your team members’ roles and how do they work together?
✓ How do you give constructive feedback to your team?
✓ Describe a time you received negative feedback from your team. How did you handle it?
✓ How do you keep the team motivated in the face of tight deadlines?
✓ What tools, books, or ideas help you in your day-to-day work?
✓ How do you keep up with the latest creative tools and technologies?

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