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Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

In interviewing for a content writer there are three main skills that need assessing: researching, writing and editing. An obvious weakness in any of these areas will undermine the effectiveness of the others. The best candidates will have a portfolio of content that showcases their ability to write across a variety of topics and in a number of different styles. It’s reasonable to expect them to be familiar with one of the standard style guides, ranging from tomes like the Chicago Manual of Style to its slimmer and livelier counterpart from the Economist. Many of the better candidates will have a background in published journalism, a personal blog or experience in copy-writing.

✓ There can be a considerable amount of repetitive work — how would you stay motivated?
✓ How do you maintain attention to detail?
✓ How do you approach proof-reading material?
✓ What would you expect from us as your employer to keep you motivated?
✓ Tell us how your background and experience makes you a fit for this role?
✓ What do you know about this company?
✓ Who are our customers are and where are they located?
✓ Why do we invest in producing content that we give away for free?
✓ How do you think people discover our content?
✓ What’s the importance of voice for a brand?
✓ How would you go about giving voice to a brand?
✓ How do you go about improving SEO for content?

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