Interview Questions

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Competency-based interview questions challenge candidates to draw from real-life examples to explain how they use their competencies on the job. This technique can help interviewers better evaluate candidates’ skills. With competency-based interview questions, the hiring team goes beyond candidate qualifications. Recruiters and hiring managers gauge a candidate’s way of thinking and their approach to role-specific problems. Depending on the role, candidates with creative solutions could stand out from candidates with similar skills. For entry-level positions, these questions can help identify candidates with a desire to learn, even if they lack experience.

✓ Tell me about a time you went the extra mile for your job. How did you do it?
✓ What was the last training you attended? How did you use your new knowledge in practice?
✓ Tell me about the most significant project you worked on. How did you manage it, from start to finish?
✓ How did you increase revenue at companies you worked for?
✓ Tell me about a time you were successful in driving positive change. How did you do it?
✓ Describe a time when a manager approached you with a problem they couldn’t solve. What did you do?

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