Interview Questions

Interview candidate will not be so much of hard work anymore. Use this following interview questions template to hire the right candidates.

Animators are those behind the fascinating visuals of games, videos and animated films. They may work in animation studios, other private firms (advertising, graphic design etc.) or freelance. They typically possess a degree in computer animation, fine arts or graphic design. You may find animators who are generalists and those who are specialized in one techniques such as modeling or lighting. Work experience is usually required, unless you’re hiring for an entry level position. It’s very useful to ask candidates to send you a portfolio/demo reel. It’ll give you insight on how creative they are and what kind of techniques they’re more familiar with. If their work impresses you, call them in for an interview and discuss it — ask them how they created their animations and how much time it took them. If the candidates submit printed artwork as well, all the better for you, since you’ll know who has a truly artistic nature instead of just computer expertise.

✓ How do you go about creating storyboards?
✓ Imagine you submit raw designs to a customer many times and they keep rejecting them. What do you do?
✓ If you were working on a project and suddenly the deadline changed, how would you handle it?
✓ How do you keep up with animation trends?
✓ What animation methods are you most familiar with?
✓ Are you more skilled in acting or action?
✓ How good are you at rigging?
✓ What software do you use more often?
✓ What project in your portfolio/reel are you most proud of and why? What’s the weakest and how could you have improved it?
✓ Tell me about a time you found it difficult to make others accept your ideas. What did you do?
✓ Which games do you play? How would you improve them?
✓ What inspires you when making animations?

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