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What are my benefits if I join as a Freelance Recruiter?

You will earn money (usually ranging between Rp 500 thousand to Rp 10 million) when your referral gets a job.


When you’ve helped 3 people get jobs, we will contact you to offer you to be our Partner. If you are a Partner, your rewards will be larger, and you will be assigned an Ambassador to help you get even more successful placements.

When do I get my rewards?

50% will be paid at the beginning of the next month after your referral’s first day with the new company. The other 50% will be paid at the beginning of the next month after your referral successfully completes probation period. 

How do I register?
  1. Sign up here

  2. Complete your profile

  3. Look through our jobs and start referring!

How do I refer someone?
  1. Look through our available jobs

  2. Click the job for more details

  3. Click “Refer" and fill in the details of your referrals

  4. When your referral signs up using your referral code and decide to apply to the job, you are automatically considered as a referrer and you can check his/her application status

Our expectation to you are :
  1. Choose 3 jobs per week that you think you have the relevant candidates

  2. Send minimum of 1 resume per jobs

This is a simple guide that can help you assess your candidates' quality :
candidate quality.png
As a part of this community, you will get rewards based on your contributions. Here is a simplified version of your estimated monthly income based on your contributions :
est income.png
Any tips on how to be a successful Freelancer?

We found 90% of our Freelancers (even those with 10+ years of experience as a recruiter) refer candidates who are not suitable for the jobs. We hope you are not one of them. Tips:

  1. Read the company description, job description, and job requirements carefully

  2. Understand the job and the kind of candidates suitable for the job. To be able to do this, you might have to do some research on the industry and competitors).

  3. As a final check, ask yourself, if you are the hiring company, will you hire this candidate?

How do I know the application status of my candidates?

Go to your profile​

What is Pal, Referral, Points dan Discussion?

Pal: Your friend

Referral: a Pal that you refer to a job

Points:  your rewards when your referral is hired

Discussion: a place where you can ask our Ambassadors for more information about a job

What is the difference between Share and Apply button?

Click Share if you want to share a job via a link. Anyone who clicks on the link and apply will be considered as your referral. Click apply if you yourself want to apply for the job.

Can I refer jobs?

Yes, you can. You will also get rewards on successful placements. We are working on the feature for now, but meanwhile you can drop us an email to cynthia@referpal.org

What should I do when there is an error?

So sorry for your inconvenience. We are working very hard to fix our site. It will greatly help us if you can let us know of the error (print screen of the error is best) and email to cynthia@referpal.org